2022 Edition

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2022 Edition

The 1st International Bluegrass Music Festival took place on September 9th, 10th, and 11th, 2022, in Trafaria.
With the organization of the Recreios Desportivos da Trafaria and the musician André Dal, with the support of the municipalities Almada City Council and Junta da União das Freguesias de Caparica e Trafaria, and several local and international entities, which have already put Bluegrass and Trafaria on the map of the national and international musical panorama!
Young and old, locals and foreigners, gathered to listen to music and experience a truly multicultural event throughout the village. Embracing the true Bluegrass spirit!
Several dreams, resilience, talents, and a good dose of madness were the recipe for what became the 1st of many editions.

Grateful to those who decided to go to Trafaria to listen and helped make it happen, those who supported this idea, and those who were crazy about it just like us!
We made history and one that is one of a kind!



1st Day - 9th Setember

2nd Day - 10th Setember

3rd Day - 11th Setember





Bluegrass is that hot acoustic music genre that made a hit out of movies such as ”Oh Brother Where Art Thou”.

The Belgian Bluegrass band Rawhide has built a solid reputation in the European bluegrass scene since 1977! Every time again they astonish their audiences with their groundbreaking arrangements in which they combine pop, classic, swing, barbershop and other styles in their bluegrass repertoire. With typical instruments such as banjo, mandolin, fiddle, dobro, guitar and bass and vocal harmonies they will charm all from 7 till 77. An optimal combination of tasteful instrumental and vocal virtuosity with a thick layer of humour on top, both during and between the music.

With Rawhide you can expect the unexpected. So now fasten your seatbelts. Here comes Rawhide!

The Often Herd

United Kingdom

The Often Herd reach beyond what is expected of a bluegrass band, marrying the wistful sunshine harmonies of Southern California with the striking industrial allure of their home in the North East of England.

An engaging and dynamic live act, the band are able to pull off their intricately arranged material alongside moments of exciting, spontaneous improvisation.

Rupert Hughes (guitar) and Evan Davies (mandolin) are responsible for penning the band’s vibrant and catchy original music. American fiddler Niles Krieger and jazz bassist Sam Quintana contribute deft and dynamic instrumental skills that lift the songs to new heights.

The Original Five


The Original Five was formed in Malmö in 2010 and has during the years grown to be one of Scandinavia’s most skilled and experienced bluegrass bands.

During the past twelve years, the Swedish quartet has recorded five albums. The band has traditional bluegrass instrumentation with guitar, banjo, dobro and upright bass. The basis of the music is classic bluegrass but they are not a retro band.

Inside the traditional framework, you can hear lots of different influences spanning from early jazz, Swedish folk and classic and contemporary country not least in the band’s own songwriting. Aside from the band’s own songwriting, you can always expect to catch a healthy dose of classic bluegrass repertoire and country songs at their shows.

Buster Sledge


Oslo-based American-Norwegian trio Buster Sledge signed with the record label Heilo and released its first studio album, Call Home in May 2022, following up on their self-recorded and self-released debut, Spirit (2020).

Fiddle, banjo, guitar and three voices are the vehicle for lyrical storytelling against an orchestral backdrop anchored in the acoustic music traditions of the United States. Hailing from northern California, lead vocalist and songwriter Michael Barrett Donovan mixes themes from personal experience with folk and country music archetypes to breathe new life into time-tested song structures.

Banjoist Mikael Jonassen and guitarist Jakob Folke Ossum both share a thorough appreciation for the fundamentals of bluegrass music, clear melodies and harmony-singing through the lens of being trained jazz musicians.

& Bad Spaghetti


Most likely the only Portuguese bluegrass band. They are distinguished by the incredible energy of their music and the enthusiastic performance on stage.

At their shows, they present a large collection of traditional songs and some original Portuguese bluegrass tunes and have performed in bluegrass festivals all over Europe in countries like the Netherlands, France, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and Scotland.




Bluegrass music is for everyone and all of you are invited to be a part of this wonderful way of life that bluegrass music is! Besides the concerts by the bands, Jams are an important part of a bluegrass festival that happens anywhere and anytime.

Bring your own instrument and join the musicians. Or just listen if you like the music. Jamming is a must at a bluegrass festival.

Workshops with the musicians

The workshops will be unmissable moments to get to know bluegrass music better and get in touch with the musicians.

At the meeting point, Casino Stage:

  • September 10, at 11:00 am – Guitar Workshop with Rupert Hughes
  • September 10, at 11:30 am – Fiddle Workshop with Michael Barrett Donovan
  • September 10, at 12:00 pm – Mandolin Workshop with Jeff Cardey
  • September 11  at 12:00 pm – Dobro Workshop with Daniel Olssom
  • September 11, at 12:30 pm – Banjo Workshop with Thierry Schoysman

Free of charge for everyone. Bring an instrument or not. No reservation needed!

Blue Waves
Stories with Sounds

Session with Anabela Libânio and Henique Rosário

Dive into this storytelling session for the whole family. You will learn a bit more about Trafaria and Bluegrass.

  • September 9, at 4:30 pm by Trafaria’s Presídio
  • September 11, at 10:30 pm at Largo da República

Trafaria tour

With Francisco Silva from Almada's Archeology Center (CAA)

Do you want to know this precious village where the river Tagus meets the ocean?

Francisco and Almada’s Archeology Center have been studying its history, its origins, and will lead this group with several local residents too. Join us and discover many of Trafaria’s charms!

Duration 1 hour, easy.

  • September 9 at 6:00 pm, beginning at Trafaria’s Casino and finishing by Trafaria’s Presídio.

Walk around Trafaria

With Francisco Silva from Almada's Archeology Center (CAA)

Trafaria is even more precious when you also know its surroundings, the forests, slopes and forts. On this walk, more suited to those with some endurance, you will uncover the most well-hidden secrets and most beautiful views around Trafaria.

Duration 2 hours, medium.

  • September 10 at 9.30am, beginning and finishing at Trafaria’s Casino

Guided Tour

With Fernanda

Fernanda is a new local, in love with this small and quiet village. She is part of the Recreios Desportivos da Trafaria team, the Trafaria Bluegrass’ organizer.

Fernanda will guide you through the most significant sites of the village.

Duration 1 hour, easy.

  • September 11 at 10:00 am, beginning at Trafaria’s Casion and finishing by Poço Novo Stage

Space Grandparents & Grandchildren

Promoting active aging and intergenerational interaction.

Be YourSelf and its group of young volunteers collaborate with Almada’s Santa Casa da Misericórdia to participate in our Festival.

Some of Trafaria’s grandparents, representing the area, will bring their good energy and value in multiple fronts…

The Sea’s Grandmothers’ Snack bar – taste the sweets, savories or the famous “Nanna’s” coffee. 

We will also have two fun zones, traditional games and another with facial painting, always in the great company of our local elders.

Age is only a number and the will to celebrate knows no age. For all ages, fun is guaranteed!

At Largo da República:

  • September 10 from 10:00 am to 12:00pm and from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
  • September 11 from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm


With Teresa Morais from the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF)

Interdisciplinary photographic work to raise awareness of the natural heritage of the Protected Landscape of Costa da Caparica’s Fossil Cliff (PPAFCC).

This exhibition features successive metaphors/relations/analogies of images (photos) of PPAFCC’s natural heritage and images (photos) of cultural and built heritage, with the support of emblematic communications.

  • September 10 at 6:00pm in Trafaria’s Casino


Sílvia Luz, also known as “acarteirista, is a 50-year-old multidisciplinary artist who has lived in Trafaria for 40 years. Born in Faial, Azores, to an Azorean father and continental mother, her experiences observing people whose life revolved around the ocean, as well as her happy and free childhood, have shaped her own artistic expression.

A lover of the surrealist and Dadaist movement, Sílvia likes, nevertheless, to create “simple” images with hints of subversive messages of humor, human duality and nonconformity. She considers herself progressive.

In this small large sample of photos and montages created absent mindlessly, the artist calls on each of us to pay more attention to what may not be obvious to our eyes. Enjoy.

“For me, my art is a game that I take very seriously… (sometimes)!”

Zero Recycling Workshop

Suzete will have a stand right in the center of the village with various daily use items (napkins, make-up remover pads, coffee filters, bags, suitcases, brooches, among others) made from surplus textiles/dead stock transformed by you. These objects allow us to reduce the production of waste in our daily lives. In this workshop you will transform old clothes into a rug.

Bring an old piece of clothing and participate in this workshop to give it a second life.

Seats are limited, contact the organization for more information.

  • September 10 at 4:00 pm in Largo da República