BluegrassToday announces the event Trafaria Bluegrass Festival

The renowned website announced our event Trafaria Bluegrass – Festival by the River and called all Bluegrass lovers, specially those in Europe, to not miss this event!

Trafaria Bluegrass Festival - September 2022 - News - BluegrasstodayRead the full article below:

Talk about a destination event! The debut Trafaria Bluegrass festival is scheduled for this summer on the sunny Atlantic shores of Portugal.

Taking an international approach, the organizers will bring in a number of acts from outside the small western European nation, and at least one from within its borders.

All of the music will take place in the village of Trafaria, located within the municipality of Almada, just south of Lisbon. From Lisbon, the location is most easily reached by boat, a roughly 25 minute excursion across the Targus river, taking you past a number of historical sites. Trafaria can also be reached by car.

Organizers have planned the festival with two goals in mind: to familiarize people in Portugal with the joys of bluegrass music, and to introduce their European neighbors to this lovely region of the country. Musical performances and workshops will be sited in venues around the village, and a number of local hotels will be available for festival goers to stay. This section of the Atlantic coast is noted for its fabulous seafood, with a number of local dishes famed throughout the continent.

This inaugural edition of Trafaria Bluegrass is set for September 9-11 with live stage shows, instrument master classes, dance workshops, guided tours, jamming, and more to entertain visitors.

The musical lineup and hotel reservation information will be announced soon, along with ticket details, and the organizers have a mailing list you can sign up for to receive this news as soon as it is announced.

There may not be many US bluegrass lovers planning a trip to Portugal this summer, but pickers and fans in Europe and the UK may want to set this weekend aside for fun in the sun, where the Targus meets the sea.

Source: on the 22nd of April 2022, by John Lawless